Hello all. I've come to the dark side and have been compiling starter bottle lists off the site for a few days.

My story.

Been drinking Irish whiskey, scotch and tequila for years. Every year around the holidays I get a whiskey related gift. Last year it was Michael Jacksons Whiskey book, this year it was a pair of proper Waterford crystal tumblers and a copy of Whisky mag. Also my in laws in England always send me a bottle of Scotch for Christmas.

Anyways I've always stayed away from Bourbon except for the last year when I have occasionally sampled around.

Was down in South Beach over New Years hanging out at our hotel which had no Irish whiskey and a lousy scotch collection. Id already had the only tequila I was interested in so the bartender suggested some Woodford Reserve. Ok, fine, I'll have a bourbon. Tasted it and was immediately reminded of Red Breast which I love. After I got home I researched it and found out that Woodford is a pot still like Readbreast which accounts for the similarities but it's 20 bucks a bottle cheaper which is nice.

So I ran down to the store today and grabbed a bottle of Woodford. The store I go to in Cleveland here didn't have any of the bourbons I had been reading about so I had to come home and order a couple off the net.

I am eagerly awaiting bottles of:

Van Winkle Family Reserve, 13 Years Old



Bernheim Original Straight Wheat Whiskey