Had a great time at last nights Whiskyfest. They had a great variety of whiskies available for everyone's tasting pleasures. I had a chance to try a number of Bourbons/Ryes for the first time, and all were excellent except for 2. I really disliked the Old Potero products. I've read previously that others have not liked them either, but I had to see for myself, and I found them both to be much too harsh tasting. On a more positive note, I loved lots of things over at the Buffalo Trace tables. As others have previously noted, the George T. Stagg was outstanding! It received Malt Advocate Magazine's "Best of the Year Award" in the American Whiskey category. Elmer T Lee received a Lifetime Achievement award, along with Booker Noe. Others sampled for the first time were Blanton's Single Barrel, which I thought was very good , 20 Year Old Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve was superb , Van Winkle's 13 Year Old Family Reserve Rye received a double super rating , I liked Sazarac's Rye, but thought that it was not as good as Van Winkle's, and during Lincoln Henderson's seminar (The Art of Pot Stilled Bourbon), we got to try the "New Make Potstill Whiskey", which was outstanding.

I inquired about the release date of the George T Stagg, from a Buffalo Trace rep, and was told that it would not be released for approximately one more month. I want to try more ASAP!

All in all, it was a great night.