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    Re: New guy from Colorado!

    Quote Originally Posted by Klepackage View Post
    I picked up some Elmer T Lee last night and I really enjoy it. It has the sweetness that I was looking for and the burn is quite mild compared to my current stock.

    As a long time lurker, Van Winkle Lot B seems to be universally loved on these boards. George T Stagg seems to fall under the same praise. Unfortunately I have yet to see these at any store in Colorado.

    I was looking online for some of the Riedel glasses. Those can get quite pricey!
    Welcome, Klepackage!
    Target stores do/did carry a line of Riedel's (Vivant--I think they're called), which also included the bourbon glasses. There's a thread about them in here, somewhere. I think they are pretty well priced if I remember the discussion correctly. You might try there, too.
    Yep, that ETL is very good bourbon. Hard to go wrong with that one. From what you've described, I think the Eagle Rare 10yr Single Barrel might fit your palate, too. Should be just maybe, 5$ more than the ETL.


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    Re: New guy from Colorado!

    Go to the paraphernalia thread for some links to some sites for some good prices on the glencairn glasses.
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