Well, I didn't actually find them, I bought the lot off of eBay this past summer. Then I promptly set them up on a shelf and really have not paid any attention to them at all. I thought I might start tasting these to see if they are any different than current products.

I have no idea how old some of these are, they have tax stamps and most have a MD state stamp as well. As I look at these, I can tell I need to find a magnifying glass to be able to see some of the detail.

OF BIB - Federal Tax Stamp and a MD Stamp
WLWSR - Federal Tax Stamp and is from Louisville
Old Stagg - Federal Tax Stamp - 86 proof - 4 yr old
Colonel Lee BIB - Federal Tax Stamp and a MD Stamp - 1951 on stamp
Hiram Walkers Ten High - Peoria - 80 proof - Federal Tax Stamp
WT101 - 8 Years old statement - 1975 on bottom of bottle
Old Crow 100 proof - spring 1959 on tax stamp
Old Charter Proprietors Reserve - 13 years old - 90 proof
Ezra Brooks - 7 years old - 90 proof
Ancient Age - 86 proof - tax stamp
Glenmore - Silver Label - 6 years old - 86 proof - tax stamps
IW Harper - 86 proof - tax stamps

Thats all I can gather until I find that magnifying glass. Now... just to figure out which one I want to try first.