Seems to be a common question at the local grocery store. I am asking, glass or plastic? Does anyone ever find a good bourbon in a plastic bottle? I was shopping yesterday and was considering picking up some Ancient Age 80 (not the AAA I am really wanting to try) and it was in a plastic bottle. That got me thinking. I started looking around for other plastic bottles. Only found a couple more, Old Heaven Hill BIB, Ezra Brooks, and a couple more I cannot remember. I do remember a year or so ago I picked up some EW BIB in a 1.75 plastic bottle. I had picked up a little glass bottle previously and really liked it. I cracked open the plastic bottle and was very disappointed. Maybe it was just a bad bottle but it has forever turned me against buying another plastic bottle. I had to pass on the AA and I picked up a bottle (glass) of EC12 that I have never tried and a bottle (also glass) of FC that I have not had in a while. Looking forward to the EC12!!