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    Nice Find at Crate and Barrell

    Found a really great glass at Crate and Barrell. It's called simply "sipping glass". 7 ounces. Just the right size and shape. It's kinda a cross between the Riedel bourbon glass and a small port glass. I love it!
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    Re: Nice Find at Crate and Barrell

    Bought something similar last year at C&B. Nice, but whisper thin and really fragile.
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    Re: Nice Find at Crate and Barrell

    Yeah...don't put them in the dishwasher. My wife and I were at the C&B in Tucson last year. She picked up Reidel long stemmed glasses for red wine. I put one in the dishwasher and now it is a short stemmed Reidel glass.

    Speaking of tasting glasses....does it matter what type you use? I have this tumbler glass that I like. Its a generic glass but its easy to grip and has a nice heavy feel to it.

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    Re: Nice Find at Crate and Barrell

    I don't think it matters at my level of sophistication, but I like the way crystal feels in my hand. I always drink wine from crystal and often whiskey. I always hand wash the glasses.



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