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    Re: Canadian Rye and American Rye - difference?

    Megawatt, they are completely different....American ryes are spicy, peppery, full mouth whiskeys....wheras the Canadian ryes are much lighter, and have a very different taste profile. I just poured shots of Alberta Premium 25 and Rittenhouse BIB. My limited notes are as follows.

    AP - light gold color
    Ritt - amber

    Nose - AP bit of alcohol - slight what I call "formaldehyde or nail polish" that I find in most Canadian whiskeys....Gilman refers to it as "piney"...(could it be the neutral spirit portion?)...and sweetness
    Ritt - more like a bourbon ...rich, sweet - honey

    Taste AP - light with a smooth round sweet finish plus the "piney notes."
    Ritt - immediate liveliness, thicker feel and more complex notes, mild burn
    > 100 proof vs AP 80 <

    Similar to the difference between a rich lowland Scotch and and Irish whiskey.
    Really no comparison other than the rye base...that is what amazes me..they are so different.

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    Re: Canadian Rye and American Rye - difference?

    A more nuanced review...I am always amazed at some of the tasting notes...no two are alike...but this may help distinguish them"

    Alberta Premium 25

    Label Text
    "Whatever you concentrate on dominates: put the taste buds into neutral and you have a wonderful battle, not fought with fists. If you are into chocolate you'll love this. Gently sweet cocoa spreads around the palate, first as a hint then as a full-blown plain chocolate dessert sweetened only by a sprinkling of muscovado." "Very long. Improbably gentle but faultless. Absolutely nothing dominates. Yet every aspect has its moment of conquest and glory. It is neither bitter, nor sweet, yet both. It is neither soft nor hard on the palate, yet both elements are there/ Because of the 100&#37; rye used, this is an entirely new style of whisky to hit the market.'

    Rittenhouse BIB
    Review from "maxthebear" from another site that is close to my experience.

    "Bold and peppery with the brown sugar/molasses noted by others. Again- recently there has been a pleasant orange hint that compliments the overall complexity. It is a drink that reminds you of Fall. The is a pleasant bite that reminds you that you are drinking a higher octane. It holds up to ice well and can be sipped with pleasure - Recommend a splash or two of water to open the surface."
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