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I purchased a bottle for $20.00. I have tried, but was not impressed, and would not recommend.
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I bought a bottle of the Rebel Reserve to give it a shot. My impressions are as follows:

On first sip, a little harsh, not as smooth as you might expect of a wheated bourbon, but the extra proof is evident over the standard RY offering. I poured this product over ice made with filtered water with a splash of same. As the ice melted the bourbon become easier to drink, it is still a bit on the young side, but should be judged on its own merit, not neccesarily compared to either its lower proof sibling or its higher priced competitors, at least until you've given it a chance. It certainly won't replace Weller 12 YO as my favorite, but since there isn't any of that around, I guess I'm free to check out the remainder of the field.
I agree sho. I like it.