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    Evan Williams 1783 10 yo

    As I was about to settle in for a night of hockey on TV (Carolina Hurricanes vs. NJ Devils), I noticed I was out of "normal", er, middle shelf bourbon. So, I made a quick run to the ABC store.

    I saw a display for Evan Williams 1783 10 year old. I don't recall ever seeing this before, but it was only $10 so I grabbed a bottle.

    At home, I cracked open the EW. Nice aroma out of the bottle. Nice taste, but watered down due to the 86 proof. I didn't think anything more about it as the game started. Three periods of hockey, three Carolina Hurricane goals, one win, and three stiff bourbons later, I realized I never took the time to enjoy the bourbon.

    (Yes, I am rambling.)

    I am turning in my glass for the night, but look forward to checking this bourbon out more, especially considering the price.

    To get to the point, has anyone tasted this bourbon? I did some searches on this forum and found a hit in a long thread, but I gave up after reading about half the replies in that thread - no mention of 1783 as of yet. (How come our search engine doesn't point directly to the reply with the search string?)

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    Re: Evan Williams 1783 10 yo

    Me and mark polished off most of a bottle of 1783 during the bourbon festival... We had never seen it around where we live, so we gave it a try, and were pleasantly suprised... As you noted, at the lower proof i found it very easy to drink too much of... (i usually 'taste' more than i 'drink' with most bourbons)


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    Re: Evan Williams 1783 10 yo

    I've got to agree with Chris, for the price this Evan Williams was a pleasant surprise. My only regret was not bringing a bottle back up here to NYC.




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