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    Old Overholt and (rī)

    I've mostly stayed away from Beam ryes, so I decided to do a tasting of Overholt and (rī). Now, I'm a big rye fan and I've scarcely had a bad thing to say about any rye I previously tried, but I didn't really care for either of these. OO was too sweet and (rī), aside from being obnoxious, just wasn't very flavorful, particularly at that price.

    For the complete review, see below:


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    Re: Old Overholt and (rī)

    I agree. You won't see either of those on my bar shelf. Sorry you had to drop the money to figure out that they were not worth it.

    Jeff Mo.

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    Re: Old Overholt and (rī)

    I liked the (rī) but despised the OO. As others have stated, I found the (rī) was thin and lacking in "umph" for a $40 rye. I like WTR101 and Ritt BIB much better, but I would certainly drink it again.

    As for the OO, I found it had many of the same qualities I dispise in OGD BIB. It seemed chemically to me and had the mouthfeel of bleach.

    I won't be buying either - one is over priced and the other needs a hazardous materials label on it.
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    Re: Old Overholt and (rī)

    I was trying to work through some OO last night and it was a job. It's not fun to drink straight, sweet up front with a viscious mouthfeel, and a slightly spicy weak finish but I really hate the pepto bismol sensation at the end.

    It's like when I breath through my nose after swallowing I swear I just downed a tablespoon of the pink stuff.

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    Re: Old Overholt and (rī)

    Sku, I liked your review --it gave me a pretty clear insight on what to expect here. I haven't had the (rī) but I'm finding it harder & harder to defend the Old Overholt. The first bottle I had I really liked, but as my tastes have developed, none of the characteristics I like in rye (or straight whiskey for that matter) are really in play here. And it's not as cheap as it could be for what it is -- the WT trumps it easily, if I'm going to spend $15, I might as well spend $20 for somehting a whole lot better.....the Overholt is easily outgrown, methinks.
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