So, I was at a Super Bowl party tonight at some relatives. The man of the house is a Sushi chef, but has cooked all over the world in many different culinary styles.

So, we thought the Arizona Cardinals were going to win, so we break out the good stuff, either a Macallan 12 yr old or Blanton's Single Barrell. As I am trying to cultivate my whisky acumen, I went with the Blantons.


Very strong toffee/caramel olfactory notes, and the same was found in the taste, which was also very smooth but still had an agressive beginning before tailing off in a very satfisfying finish. If my will power wasn't so great....OK, I need to go to work tomorrow...I would've offered to help finish off the bottle.

Now, Blanton's is too expensive for an every day pour, but I will definitely have a bottle on hand for special occasions and guests.