Be on the look out for Ten High labeled not as "Kentucky Straight Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey," but as "Bourbon Whiskey - a Blend."

My friend in upstate New York, who discovered this outrage after he got the bottle home, was told by his whiskey monger that the straight has been discontinued.

My friend wondered if this was some depredation by the brand's new owner, but I assured him it can't be Sazerac's fault, as that deal won't even close for another month or so.

The Constellation Spirits web site still shows the only available expression of Ten High as being the 80-proof straight bourbon we all know and love...well, know, anyway.

Ten High was once a big brand, made by Hiram Walker in Peoria, Illinois. It passed first to Heaven Hill, then to Barton. The name refers to aging in the upper part of the warehouse, at the tenth rick high or above.