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    Re: Ten High is now a blend, at least in New York.

    I peeked at it in Maryville MO the other day and it looked like it was still a straight Bourbon there as well.
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    Re: Ten High is now a blend, at least in New York.

    Quote Originally Posted by callmeox View Post
    FWIW, during our tour of Tom Moore on Friday we asked if the bourbon was going away in lieu of the blend and we were told no.

    IIRC, all of the Ten High 1.75 that were flying down the line and in the boxes were KSBW and not the blended variety.
    How strange! Why would they have both? Maybe the blend was just a temporary release to tide them over to when they had enough sb ready? Or was the blend release halted when Tom Moore was sold to Saz?
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    Re: Ten High is now a blend, at least in New York.

    Unfortunately, due to the impending sale, I'm not sure who to ask who would be in a position to give us an informed answer.

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    Re: Ten High is now a blend, at least in New York.

    Here in McAllen in South Texas we have two retailers that account for most of the business in the area. Both have multiple locations. One has only the Ten High blend and the other has KSBW. I assume that the one with the blend has received a recent shipment and the other is working on stock from his warehouse. I expect that eventually it will all be the blend. To add to the confusion, the stores with the KSBW carry several Barton whiskeys...The High, Tom Moore BIB and 80, etc. The stores with the blend carry only Ten High from Barton. Probably has no significance but its interesting.

    As a funny aside, the other day I was in the store that had only the blend and pointed out the change to the clerk. Of course, he didn't even know it till I called it to his attention. He said "I have a customer who buys Ten High all the time. He hasn't even mentioned the change." I thought to myself...he probably dumps it in coke or 7 up and hasn't noticed a difference.



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