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I first bottled the Hirsch rye in Jan. of 1998. It was bottled from the same bottling tank as my 13-year rye-so it was the same whiskey. Not a single barrel, although sometimes I only bottled 1 barrel at a time. All the whiskey was distilled in either 1984 or '85. So when my rye & the Hirsch were first bottled, they were 13 yesars old. Each subsequent bottling was of older whiskey. I did the final bottling of Hirsch in Jan. of 2001. So it could have been as old as 16 or 17 years.
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Does anyone, other than me, have a bottle with a Lot other than Lot 00-1?

Mine is Lot 97-1.

I'm guessing based upon Julian's statement of a first bottling of Jan '98 that the Lot 97-1 would be the first bottling. Applied for that label in 97, approved, printed and finally bottled in '98....seems to make sense, anyway.
I'll follow that up and guess that the 00-1 would be the last run in Jan '01...again applied for label in '00, approved, printed and finally bottled in Jan '01...making it the same stock as VWFRR "C"...