In light of the Ten High debasement, it is time to start hoarding acceptable straight bourbons under $10.

You can set the price threshold at whatever works for you. Call it what you will: value bourbon, everyday bourbon, table bourbon.

It's cheap bourbon that doesn't suck.

Ten High, Very Old Barton, J.T.S. Brown, Heaven Hill (brand), Ancient Age, Old Crow, Old Taylor.

If you don't drink cheap bourbon, this alert isn't for you. But if you make your whiskey habit affordable in part by tipping a lot of your volume to one or several go-to bottom shelfers, it may be time to stock up.

Remember, this is the stuff you drink Monday-Friday so you can afford to drink Van Winkle on the weekend, so you're going to need a lot of it. A few cases of VOB BIB handles in the basement might save you hundreds of dollars down the road.

Trust me, your wife understands the concept of buying something you don't need in order to save money. She does it all the time.