I live in Woodford County, close to the Old Taylor, Old Crow and Labrot & Graham distilleries. I saw in the book "Bluegrass, Belles and Bourbon" by Harry Harrison Kroll that James Crow was originally buried "in the mountains near Vanceburg," but was later "removed to Woodford County." Nothing more specific than that. I thought I heard he was buried somewhere in Millville...I know people who live there but haven't had the chance to ask, if they even know.

Anyone know for sure? I was wanting to go get photos of the site.

A great book, by the way:

"I recall my visit to Vanceburg, and the same lonely and lost graveyard. James Crow had been stricken with a heart attack at the stillhouse in 1858 and died penniless, leaving his widow and daughter on the charity of friends, although his whisky made the Peppers wealthy. On the stone there was no name nor date and if his wife and child were buried nearby, I saw no identifying remark. I saw only a forgotten Kentucky graveyard, the the lichened and weathered stones standing awry in the summer sunlight; and through the trees loomed blotches of deep blue that were the quiet, beautiful Ohio. Only now can I remind myself again how man is of so few days and full of trouble, and even his bones are unremembered."