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There's a good chance you stayed on Rose Hill. If so, I live right up that street...that's sort of false-advertising since I don't have one of the beautiful homes you see on there. We live really close to the Storybook Inn.

If you come back around again, let us know. I've been wanting to sneak into the abandoned Old Taylor distillery in Millville and take some photos. I have some old photos of the place in it's prime, so I'd love to see it now. Another person interested would be about all of the reason I'd need to trespass. (I'm sure several have done it already, I'd just like to see it for myself)
I think it was actually the Montgomery Inn on the ave. of the same name. Great place with a great innkeeper at a good price. The only complaint was that, (perhaps due to being a former New Englander), she hadn't quite figured out biscuits and gravy yet.