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    More Willett ???? Read on !

    Good news again…

    Three, yep, Three… single barrel, un-cut, un-filtered, cask strength whiskies will be available, but there is a deadline for ordering these….it all hasta be out of the retailer by this Friday, 2/20/9

    I have been informed that the Bourbon Society of Louisville is going to allow anyone to purchase the bourbon they have recently chosen to anyone who would like some, you don’t need to be a member.

    Case lots only can be purchased directly from the retailer, Westport Whiskey & Wine, Westport Village, 115 Herr Lane, Suite 140 Louisville, KY 40222. Don’t call them on the phone; also, they cannot/will not ship. When you go in, just mention at the counter, the magic words “Bourbon Society”.

    If you would prefer smaller lots and/or help with shipping, PM me and I will forward a name and number to get you some help.

    The goodies are; one barrel of 6 year old, one barrel of 7 year old and one barrel of 16 year old. The 6yo was 30 bucks a bottle I think, I can’t remember the other prices, but the 16yo was well under a hundred bucks…like around 66- 70ish? (Don’t hold me to that…I’m just tryin’ to help here)

    These all bear the Willett Estate labels and are superior single barrel offerings. Get while the gettin’ is good!

    Best regards,

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