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    Re: BOTM 2/09: Hancock's Reserve

    I purchased a bottle awhile back (thinking just before x-mas) I knew I was going to have a few inexperienced men and women over so I needed to have a Bourbon with some zing in it. I personally do not like lemony/fruity tasting whiskey. I am more of a oak/tobacco/nutty/floral kind of guy. I poured me a wee bit and let it open up. I had to taste it, after all I did buy it ( it was recommended to me by a co-worker) One thing that I did like about it was the rye taste in the finish, as I like rye whisky so I would not say it was a total bust. As for the inexperienced drinkers they seemed to like it. I had to make them taste it neat first. I caught one person trying to mix it right of the bat with out tasting it 1st. When will people learn. As everyone knows on this site Bourbon (neat) is a acquired taste. needless to say I still have 5/8 bottle of this left. They all wanted JD and coke and other mixed drinks. I do not do mix drinks at my house, so I believe that this is the last time these people will come over my house to drink. ---- That's okay more for me
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    Re: BOTM 2/09: Hancock's Reserve

    Quote Originally Posted by kickert View Post
    Liquor Barn in Lexington had more than I am sure they knew what to do with last time I was there (October). It looked like they had a private bottling of it (odd choice). They had cases of it sitting everywhere.

    Yea I think all the Liquor Barns have lots of these. I didn't examine the bottle too carefully, but I didn't see Liquor Barn on the bottle, only the bag. So this is more of a fruity whiskey? Not sure how I would like that. It's $30 at Liquor Barn. I don't know if I should pick it up whenever I get the money, or go with something else.

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    Re: BOTM 2/09: Hancock's Reserve

    for $30, buy it. It's $30 good.
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    Re: BOTM 2/09: Hancock's Reserve

    Interestingly enough, some of these Liquor Barn Hancock's are showing up at a store down here in Atlanta. I wonder how that happens...? Upper $40's, though.

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