So I have been looking for Rittenhouse Rye BIB for about the last 2 months. I have visited or called every store in my area (BG, KY). I kept getting promises that they would order it, but it never turned up.

Today I got some troubling news. My regular store told me it was being discontinued. I panicked at first. Ritt BIB is my favorite rye and easily one of the best values in whiskey. So I called HH direct. They told me not to worry, the 80 proof and BIB are still safe, but the 23 year old got axed.

So I called the KY distributor. They said they are sold out of the Ritt BIB and the earliest they could get it would be the 24th, but in reality, it could be much later before HH actually delivers it.

I thought you all might be interested. I have feared for awhile that it could be cut or the price hiked up. Right now it looks like it is safe, but who knows about the price.