FYI: "The Complete Practical Distiller" by M.L. Byrn is being reprinted in a small
run of ~500 books. I haven't decided whether to get one or not... they're
$25 each.

Info at

From the website:


One particularly interesting chapter in the book discusses the distilling equipment that was common in the United States at the time of this publication.
Byrn also discusses that the United States "abounds in many fruits, roots, and vegetables that will yield spirit upon distillation." He includes specific discussions on making Cider-Spirts/Apple Brandy, and Peach Brandy in the United States.

Interestingly enough, Byrn makes no mention of the term "Bourbon" in the text, but does mention that Indian corn can be used in malt whisky.


The table of contents is available in pdf form on the website... it looks
like it's mostly whisk/e/y, brandy, etc., but it does have info on vinegar,
rose water, tincture of musk, etc. I suppose a distiller in those days was
called upon to distill all kinds of things!

Has anyone ever seen distilling books from ~1860? I've only seen historic
distilling books back to about ~1915-1920.