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    Re: Dating a Canadian

    Quote Originally Posted by jinenjo View Post
    Thanks, Thomas. What if it is NAS? Like American bottles, do markings on the bottom indicate when it was bottled?
    Be careful here ... if you are referring to the raised glass markings on the under side of the bottle ... those are various identifying marks placed there by the bottle maker. Typically there are 4 marks... one identifies the glass company, one identifies the actual bottling plant, one identifies the mold number, and one (if I remember correctly) identifies the year of the bottle drawings.

    So... the markings are not totally useless to the avid drinker or collector, but you do need some inside information to glean anything of use regarding production dates...

    For example, Maker's Mark bottles over the years have been made by at least Pierce, Ball, and Anchor ... and I think Owens, too. If you knew the transfer dates, you could look at the markings and determine not-earlier-than, and not-later-than ... bottling dates. And if you know which mark is for the drawings year ... you can always determine a not-earlier-than bottling date.

    Otherwise, to the average Joe, the raised glass markings on teh bottom of thebottle are meaningless.

    You could also date the bottlings by looking at the lot code ... if you could find and decipher it ... it always contains the bottling date, too ... frequently down to the minute. It is usually found on the back of the bottle near the bottom and is either laser etched or ink jet printed. These have been on most spirit bottles since the mid to late 1990's. The code is usually around 13 or so characters ... usually starts with the letter L (for Lot) ... and is a mix of letters and numbers. Buried in there is the bottling date ... written in a 4 or 5 digit Julien format ... for example today would be 9143 or 09143 ... (being the 143rd day of 2009)

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    Re: Dating a Canadian

    I'm here to unearth this thread again. This time specifically about Crown Royal. I was enjoying the last bit of some CR, which had a tax strip dated 1959.
    This could go into a new thread, but does anyone know what is the oldest aged distilate that CR puts in their blend?

    I'm estimating that is could be anywhere from 8 to 12 years, so I was thinking the whiskey I enjoyed (very much) last night was bottled in the late sixties, or even early seventies.

    Any confirmation of what exactly (age-wise) goes into Crown Royal? I'm thinking this could have changed over the years, of course.

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    Re: Dating a Canadian

    That whisky would have been marketed in 1969. The youngest whisky in CR was (and is) 10 years old, hence the 1959 date, the youngest whisky was distilled in 1959 and it was bottled and sold once it reached the set minimum age for the brand. As the rear label stated then, there was whisky up to 30 years in it. So the oldest whisky was distilled way back in 1939.




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