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    Re: Red Stag by Jim Beam.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. François View Post
    Any predictions on the filing date of a trade-dress complaint by Buffalo Trace/Sazerac over the use of antlers and "Stag"?

    Any of our attorneys care to weigh in?

    Likelihood of confusion?

    Secondary meaning?

    Similarity of market or distribution channels?
    I'm not a copyright/trademark lawyer, but it seems like Beam would have a defense here: Red Stag, a flavored Bourbon, vs. George T. Stagg, a high-proof sipping Bourbon. The Beam label looks nothing like the GTS bottle and prominently states it is a Jim Beam product. Is there really likely to be much confusion?

    There's also Stag's Leap wine and there are prominent antlers (much closer to the GTS label) on The Dalmore. I believe there is also a blended Scotch known as Highland Stag, though I'm not sure if it's available in the US.
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