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    Re: Special Occasion Bourbon

    Yes, your cookout was definately one of those special Bourbon occassions. I just wish I could remember what I was drinking...
    Seriously, it was a great party and I have a feeling next year is gonna get even better.

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    Re: EWSB \'91 impressions

    Hollywood, I'm a newcomer to the Evan William's single barrel bottlings and, though it may take me a while to get acquainted with this '91 vintage, I'm already impressed with the two samplings I've had.

    Actually my impressions of this bourbon are extremely similar to what Jeff noted in an earlier post.

    Jeff said "The nose is very corn-heavy, but not really corn; more like green corn husks." That was close to my experience. Not really corn but something green and earthy...organic with mild similarities to Buffalo Trace. It struck me as a delicate single barrel with certain subtleties I haven't yet identified. And there is a sweetness to this bourbon that I also enjoyed.

    Good stuff. I'm sure you'll appreciate your bottle.


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    Re: EWSB \'91 impressions

    Troy, thanks again. I am looking forward to it. My bottle is 09-26-91-bottle #340. Strange enough, I was looking at a place here in B'ham that "specializes in liquor and cigars". Myyyyy how they are proud!!! Example: Liquor I buy elsewhere say runs me $30, in-state would run me $42-at this store it'll run you $50! Needless to say I don't shop there often, but they do have hard to find and specialty items. Some have been on the shelf forever (not discounted either). Getting more with my point-they still have '87&'88 EWSB! The list goes on, and many items covered with dust! See ya, H'wood



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