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    Re: What was the 1st bottle you bunkered away?

    Quote Originally Posted by theDon View Post
    Welcome back Jason, how's the kid?
    It is good to be back! Sydney is doing great, however I have my nephew coming into the house tomorrow (6 month old) for a couple weeks while his mom has brain surgery. Should make for an interesting time at the house but we are happy to help out the family. Hope all is well with you and the family.

    I'll add another bunkered bottle so it isn't a total thread jack...ER 10/101
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    Re: What was the 1st bottle you bunkered away?

    Well, my first was Midleton Very Rare Irish, but the second item was Pappy LotB.

    Shamefully, the third bunkered item was GlenRothes 1975 sc*tch (grin).



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