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    Head to Head: PV vs VL corn

    The wife's out with friends for the afternoon. I could clean up the kitchen or do some yard work in prep for spring, or I could catch up on my studies, or I could have a head to head corn whiskey tasing. Hmmm...

    Platte Valley Corn Whiskey
    by McCormick Co., Weston, MO (manufactured by HH)
    80 proof, 3 y/o
    In a cheesy ceramic jug with a cartoon hillbilly logo, cork stopper and sealed with blue wax.

    Appearance/body: light, unoaked chardonnay color, medium-light bodied thin legs
    Nose: roasted sweet corn, very light
    Taste: sweet corn, hint of cinnamon
    Finish: soft, light, warm, sweet.
    Conclusion: Light after work or summertime pour. Lacking in complexity, but pleasant and a nice change of pace from a complex bourbon or rye.

    Virginia Lightning Corn Whiskey
    by Belmont Farms, Culpepper VA (as seen on TV)
    100 proof, less than 30 days
    In clear bottle with white label with still and lightning bolt. www.virginiamoonshine.com

    Appearance/body: clear, medium-light bodied thin legs
    Nose: aggressive. Had to put glass in another room to taste PV above without being overwhelmed. Similar to tequila or grappa, but softer but with sweet, corn notes
    Taste: smooth, sweet, soft, grappa-like, Like a good Appalachian woman, strong on the surface but delicate underneath.
    Finish: short burn followed by faint lingering buttery sweetness.
    Conclusion: Wow. Not sure if I could have more than a glass of this at a time, but for such a young, high-proof spirit, it is remarkably complex and smooth. Something to have in your cabinet for when the mood strikes you.

    I think I made the right choice.
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