Gentlemen & Gentlewomen:

As a newly registered member, I read this forum with great delight, taking in all the thoughts, suggestions, comments, etc., which all help me to learn more about bourbon. Thank you for the knowledge.

A friend turned me (back) onto bourbon a couple years ago, and I now regularly keep Wooford Reserve on-hand, with Blanton's, too. For old time's sake, I added a bottle of Old Charter 10yo recently. (The bar is still rather anemic in stock, but growing ... )

Later this week, during a week-long Arkansas camping excursion with several buddies, I'm looking forward to sampling a variety of bourbons, starting with Bulleit, Evan Williams Single Barrel, Knob Creek, Jim Beam Rye, and Old Rip Van Winkle 10yo. Hoping to enjoy each in various recipes over the course of the trip.

Wishing you a pleasant March. Good day.