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    Re: Tis Irish Whiskey time...nice reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by boss302 View Post
    80-86 proof is par for the course for just about any Celtic whisky, hence why I can't figure out why bourbon drinkers are so whiny about sub-100proof whiskey. Seriously, in just about every bourbon review on this forum, there is always at least one guy who pi$$es and moans about it being only(!) 90 or so proof...

    I'm sure I've done more than my share of pissin' and moanin', but to be fair, I think bourbon and rye are more drinkable at higher proofs than Irish or scotch. Never had a cask strength Irish, but every cask strength scotch needed H20 to make it easier to appreciate.

    Having said that, I'd love to try Redbreast 12 (never had the 15) at 86 or 90.

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    Re: Tis Irish Whiskey time...nice reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by DeanSheen View Post
    John on Malt Advocate has a few things up on his blog from yesterday. In the one piece he advocates that more variety of Irish Whiskey gets exported and asks "what would you like to see here"?

    I immediatley thought Green Spot as I really would like to try that. I had no idea that RedBreast 15 existed, now I'm all jacked up about that.

    I'm going to have to grab a few things when I'm in England this spring.
    What were you able to grab? Assuming that you have left and came back already

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    Re: Tis Irish Whiskey time...nice reviews

    Well the England thing fell through.

    But when I talked with ThomasH at the sampler this April he tipped me off to the fact that the OLCB carries Green Spot now. I currently have a bottle waiting for both of us up in Toronto that my brother in law grabbed for us.

    Now it's just a matter of getting it from him.
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    Re: Tis Irish Whiskey time...nice reviews

    I read earlier on that someone found Powers to be rough. I find it very smooth, but then I also place it in a cup w/ some ice, so it might be the smoothing agent.



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