Hi all,

Just a hello from a relative neophyte from the thankfully-thawing land of cheese, brats, and beer. Like many here, the time-honored or hackneyed (depending on your perspective) bourbon & coke was my gateway to bourbon...but then I discovered MM and KC and the pleasures of drinking neat, now I've got an itch to explore more. I have MM, KC, and EW black open on deck right now. I had Woodford Reserve (neat, of course!) last night at the gig...sipped on that all through the first set, stashing the glass in the top of my Leslie cabinet. I think I want a bottle of that next...second time I've had a pour of that. I don't think I could bring myself to mix that with anything...it's seductive and enchanting on its own...

So far I've had:

JBW, MM, KC, WR, WT101, EW black label, and Saz18 rye. Every time I go into an unfamiliar bar to play, I peruse the array looking for a bourbon I haven't tried yet. I can't believe how many bartenders are unfamiliar with the whole concept of "neat"...I regularly have to explain it. I asked for MM neat at one gig...ended up with a rocks glass almost full of it! Whooeeee was that ever a fun gig.

Ah well, enough babbling from me for now! Good bourbon and R&B...life is good.

Todd in Cheesecurdistan