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    Re: What Bourbon Are You Drinking? Spring 2009

    Someone please lock down this thread....I am confused most of the time, already....
    .....Weller Centennial....

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    Re: What Bourbon Are You Drinking? Spring 2009

    Joe, before any lockdown I'll jump in here to offer some taste analysis of Pure Kentucky XO. To me it is unique in that its flavor offers hints of aged corn oil. Most bourbon loses that taste, sometimes called a "slop" taste (from the smell of spent mash). In my view, Pure Kentucky XO somehow contrives to retain that taste but in an aged, indeed super-aged environment. Some might call this an anomaly if not a paradox. The bourbon might have been drawn from barrels that were particularly oily and resisted even for 15 years or more some of the usual effects of prolonged aging. But at the same time as I say, it does taste well-aged. I like it a lot and enjoy it neat and also to vat with. Taste again and tell me if you see what I mean. In my view this is a flavor that would have been typical of some well-aged bourbon of the mid-1800's.

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