OK, so I get this catalog yesterday, November 1, and I see that it says October 2002 on the cover. I figure that the prices must be good for the rest of the year, or else they wouldn't be sending me the catalog.

Today I flip to the bourbon section; I drool over some of the low prices, e.g., A.H. Hirsch 16 y/o for $53.99, Old Rip 107/10 for $22.99, WT Rare Breed for $25.99. Then there's Sazerac 18 rye for $32.99. Even with shipping from Chi-town that's still a huge savings compared to L.A. prices, and it's significantly better than Sam's regular prices.

I start thinking about how such prices invite, nay, demand yet another budget-busting extravagance (saving money in the long run, don't you know).

Then I see it. "Catalog effective through 10/30/2002".

What sort of sadistic fiends run that place, anyway?

I am at once pissed off and relieved, now that I won't be placing an order from this POS catalog.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield