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Thread: Medley Bourbons

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    Medley Bourbons

    As I mentioned in another thread, in 1990 I worked on a project for what was then Glenmore, which had then just recently acquired Medley, which had itself acquired Flieschmann's only a few years before that. The purpose of the manual was to show the company's sales people what to do with all of their new brands.

    The whole document is an interesting historical snapshot of one corner of the industry as it looked almost 20 years ago.

    For example, the first line of text reads as follows: "Glenmore is an American-owned, publicly-held, $370M company, whose shares are traded on the American Stock Exchange."

    The company's lead segment was American straight whiskey. In 1989, the American Straight Whiskey segment was 10.9% of U.S. spirits sales.

    Glenmore's biggest bourbon then was Ezra Brooks, which it had acquired from Medley. Its leading blend was Flieschmann's Preferred, which obviously had been part of Medley's Flieschmann's stable.

    Although not stated on the labels, Glenmore in this manual claimed that its three leading straight bourbons were all at least 6 years old. This was in the time of the great whiskey glut, and there was even older whiskey than that in the mix, but they weren't bottling anything at less than six years. In addition to Ezra, they made this claim for Kentucky Tavern and Yellowstone, Glenmore's leading bourbons before Medley arrived.

    In addition, they had seven other straight bourbons that they included in the manual, and other, regional brands that they didn't include.

    Here is the bourbon section as Glenmore recommended it be set in 1990.
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