Tonight I got very hungry for Hot Dogs and Sauerkraut so I picked up a fresh bag of Hatfield Sauerkraut and some long pure Pork and Beef Hot dogs and put them in a pot of Stegmaier Beer and simmered them for about an hour Wow as good as can be taste almost like Veal with some nice mashed potato's! And the Kraut is Dam good that way got enough for two more days.

This puts me back to the Old German guy on TV when I was a kid who always cooked with Beer and always at the end of his show would pour Beer into a stein lift it high and say

"Beer Its Not Just A Beverage Beer Is Food".

He would be proud of me. It has been a long time since I have made anything that takes some cooking as after My Mom died you just do not need to make much stuff or it just goes to waste but this will be enjoyed think I may take some to work and let a couple of friends in the office taste.

What do you like to cook in Beer?

I also like cooking Baked Beans in beer and Hamburger for my Hamburger Pie.
Dave Z