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    Post I love cooking with Beer! What do you cook in Beer?

    Tonight I got very hungry for Hot Dogs and Sauerkraut so I picked up a fresh bag of Hatfield Sauerkraut and some long pure Pork and Beef Hot dogs and put them in a pot of Stegmaier Beer and simmered them for about an hour Wow as good as can be taste almost like Veal with some nice mashed potato's! And the Kraut is Dam good that way got enough for two more days.

    This puts me back to the Old German guy on TV when I was a kid who always cooked with Beer and always at the end of his show would pour Beer into a stein lift it high and say

    "Beer Its Not Just A Beverage Beer Is Food".

    He would be proud of me. It has been a long time since I have made anything that takes some cooking as after My Mom died you just do not need to make much stuff or it just goes to waste but this will be enjoyed think I may take some to work and let a couple of friends in the office taste.

    What do you like to cook in Beer?

    I also like cooking Baked Beans in beer and Hamburger for my Hamburger Pie.
    Dave Z

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    Re: I love cooking with Beer! What do you cook in Beer?

    Dave, I grew up not far from Hatfield and remember those great hot dogs fondly.

    Steaming hot dogs and sauerkraut in beer is a Pennsylvania tradition, one that I have carried to my new home (well, since 1977/78) in NH.

    My late little brother always told me to cut the sauerkraut with a little apple juice to subdue the bitterness. I find that beer does the trick, but I always think of my little brother when I have it.


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    Re: I love cooking with Beer! What do you cook in Beer?

    All kinds of dogs and sausages with and without kraut. It was a standard in my house when growing up.

    Onion Rings in a half beer half flour batter. Dark beer in any beef stew or chili.
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    Re: I love cooking with Beer! What do you cook in Beer?

    Brats, mainly. I know everyone says "Don't use a fork, don't pierce the skin!" but we liberally perforate our brats by stabbing them repeatedly with a fork and then soaking them in beer overnight. Yummm ...

    We also have a shrimp boil recipe that uses a couple cans of beer.

    Of course beer is also excellent while you're cooking.

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    Re: I love cooking with Beer! What do you cook in Beer?

    Any time I cook ground beef or turkey for a recipe (lasagne, tacos, chili) I simmer in beer. I also like to substitute beer for water when I'm baking bread of making pizza dough. I also like to marinate mushrooms and scallions in it.
    "A person can work up a mean, mean thirst after a hard day of nothing much at all . . . "


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    Re: I love cooking with Beer! What do you cook in Beer?

    You can't beat the tenderness of beer can chicken.
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    Re: I love cooking with Beer! What do you cook in Beer?

    Quote Originally Posted by kickert View Post
    You can't beat the tenderness of beer can chicken.
    dang, ben, yeah, i forgot about that!
    gotta do that this summer. or this weekend!

    i followed a bobby flay cue last year and did my own BRATS version with beer.....marinated, then boiled brats in (my case) yuengling lager.

    i added polish mustard to the boiling broth...

    then slammed them on a hot grill...put them on po-boy (oops, i live up here now!), i mean HOAGIE rolls...plenty of sauteed onions if needed...and more drizzled mustard (usually Plochmann's)...and an array of others. several pickles.

    and of course, more cold beer.

    oh and kettle chips. gotta have 'em.

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    Re: I love cooking with Beer! What do you cook in Beer?

    Porkchops with brown beer,cheesesoup with mustard and whitebeer,mussels in beer,barbequesausages marinated in beer,baconbeersoup etc etc too much to write down.


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    Re: I love cooking with Beer! What do you cook in Beer?

    Brats, Polish Sausage, Beer and Cheese soup, Beer bread, Beer can chicken, Pork chops, Fish filets, Tacos, and BBQ Ribs.

    a tip on the sauerkraut brats. Use a onion, kraut and some melted butter with beer and brats boil it with fresh brats or better yet polish sausage. then get them on the grill. a fresh roll and mustard>>>delish!

    IMHO beer goes with anything.
    "Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough". Mark Twain

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    Re: I love cooking with Beer! What do you cook in Beer?

    Just tonight my wife made green beans deep fried in a very simple beer batter:

    Beer + flour

    That's it. I couldn't really detect a beer flavor. But none the less, they were really good. The batter held together really well, it was a nice thickness and crispy texture.
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