Hi guys, how is your google foo?

A friend of mine asked me about a bottle of Chivas Brothers Royal Paisley that he acquired. Having always been proud of my research skills I told him I would find out what I could about it. Thinking that he meant Royal Salute made at the Chivas brothers Paisley Headquarters I ask him about it. He sent a pic and it is "Royal Paisley"

I have never heard of this brand and I am not a big Scotch fan but this has me stumped now because in all of my looking I cannot find even one reference to this brand.

Has anyone ever heard of this brand. He acquired it along with a bottle of Pinch from 1970 so that is the only reference to any date.

He drank the Pinch and plans to drink this as well but it just has me really curious now because I rarely if ever cannot find out something I want to know.