I did go to Stockholm beer and whisky festival yesterday on a buss tour both for the festival and for a big whisky event called whisky convention with my local whisky club SMAD. Besides 2 single malt tasting events I did drink a lot of good beer. Amongst them the strongest beer I ever had. Utopia from Samuel Adams. At 27 % alcohol it was a big concentrations of flavours. It tasted much better than I did expect and I did like it a lot. However the taste profile did remind me more of a well aged Madera then a beer. The best beer I had was not surprisingly a 2006 Bigfoot on tap that was a special 9 pm release. I was first in line and they started to pour 2 seconds past 9. They did also have 2007 celebration from Sierra Nevada on tap at the same station. I did not like that at all as it appeared as flat in general. I do recall I didnít like one celebration on bottle not that long ago. Maybe it was the 2007 because I do recall both the 2008 and 2009 as being outstanding.