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    Wasmund's Rye Spirit

    Has anyone tried this? I only just learned about it.

    Wasmund's Rye Spirit is made by Rick Wasmund at Copper Fox Distillery in Virginia. Sold at 124 proof (62% ABV), this un-aged spirit is distilled from a mash of 66 percent rye and 33 percent hand-malted barley. (This came from the distillery so I guess we have to forgive them the missing 1 percent.) The malt is smoked with fruitwood smoke, 60 percent apple, 40 percent cherry.

    Binny's has it for $22.99 per 750 ml bottle.

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    Re: Wasmund's Rye Spirit

    Is it "rye spirit" as oppose to whiskey because it hasn't been stored in oak?

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    Re: Wasmund's Rye Spirit

    Sounds very interesting. So, who would like to volunteer to bring me a bottle, to the Sampler? The apple/cherry thingy has me a little worried, but any high proof/high rye...rye, has me very intrigued. Cheap, too. I'd be absolutely salivating, if there was no fruit involved.

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    Re: Wasmund's Rye Spirit


    A review.


    A review of Wasmund's operation and some impressions.


    A tasting comment from an Eben Copple

    "The first time I tasted the spirit, I thought (like most here it seems) that it was at least a little too hot due to lack of ageing. I'm a grappa enthusiast, so that did not deter me in the least from enjoying it as often as I could. I simply thought such a nice fella, doing something as soulful as being the only person in the U.S. to floor malt barley for a whisky, should succeed in a large market. That heat, I felt, was going to keep most people from enjoying it as much as they would otherwise....."

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    Re: Wasmund's Rye Spirit

    Doesn't sound as appealing as a pure Rye but at that price I'll bite.



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