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    I know that Jack Daniels is the best selling American whiskey. But what are the top 10 or 20 Bourbons in sales? It would be nice to exclude bar sales (individual drinks) and show only liquor store purchases as this would reflect a true customer choice not a choice from a very limited bar supply.


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    Re: Sales

    Jim Beam white is the #1 bourbon in the US and Evan Williams Black label is #2. That is all I know and I don't have sources, so feel free to correct me if need be ;-)
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    Re: Sales

    Yeah, I'd like to see a list of the top selling 10 to 20 bourbon labels.
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    Re: Sales

    That information is not that easy to come by, but it's true that Jack, Jim and Evan run 1,2,3, respectively.

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    Re: Sales

    In fact, I was perusing in a trade magazine (while working at the liquor store), just tonight, some of that information, with growth highlighted from 2007 to 2008. The listing was about spirits, in general, so some winnowing out of the bourbons/whiskeys had to be made. Sales, as Chuck knows, is usually measured in 9-liter case equivalents.
    But, anyway, you'd be surprised -- or, perhaps not -- to learn that whiskeys like Ten High and Kentucky Tavern easily make the Top-10 bourbons list in sales, mostly (I guess) because of near-universal distribution. Many of our favorites here aren't distributed all that widely.

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    Re: Sales

    I found a PDF with 2004 numbers in it. (page 16)

    After Jack, Jim and Evan, they list Early Times, Wild Turkey, Ten High, Old Crow and Makers Mark as the top 8 in market share.
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    Re: Sales

    Irish really has a small market share. Strange to me since Irish is ubiquitous here. May explain some experiences I have had at bars in PA & FLA where the Jameson is nowhere to be found. It's a staple around here.



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