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    Re: Bourbons similar to Van Winkle

    Thanks for the input...I have a bottle of ORVW 10/107 stashed as well. I drank a bottle and loved it; hence the high hopes for OWA 107. I haven't seen the Weller 12 around. The only Wellers I have seen in Arkansas have been SR and Antique.

    I'm thinking I'm going to get another bottle of OWA, open it, and then let it sit for a month or so then try it. I love rhum agricole such as Neisson, Damoiseau, etc so high proof spirits are not new. I was taken aback by OWA though...

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    Re: Bourbons similar to Van Winkle

    I think that's a good idea. I have noticed that my wheaters tend to blossom quite nicely after they've been opened for a bit.

    When I cracked my first bottle of PVW 15, the first pour was really quite disappointing. I had tasted other open bottles and they were all quite amazing so I was pretty bummed with what I tasted.

    I revisited it two weeks later and it was exactly what I expected. Delicious through and through.

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    Re: Bourbons similar to Van Winkle

    I happen to be one on the list that just loves the OWA 107 it's great and I don't notice the alcohol at all. I tell all the Maker's Mark fans to try this.
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    Re: Bourbons similar to Van Winkle

    I find the OWA a bit weak so I'll vat it 50/50 with some Everclear. That's just about right where I like it. Of course, I'm not serious though. Definitely revisit a bottle days or weeks later if the first taste doesn't please you. Recently opened my first WT101 and if was nothing but alcohol both in taste and scent...came back a few days later and it was much much better. And that's not the first bottle it's happened to.

    P.S. - I can't find a darn bottle of Centennial anywhere in Chicago. I don't think they exist. Looks like it was much more popular in other areas on the country.
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    Re: Bourbons similar to Van Winkle

    I'm one who really likes OWA. Never had a bad bottle of it. As wheaters go, it's a big bang for the buck.
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