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    The Perfect Ice Cube

    Does anyone have any special techniques for creating the perfect ice cube? I have a favorite glass and would love to create the perfect cube. I know it might seem silly, but the ice my fridge makes is ugly.

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    Re: The Perfect Ice Cube

    >Does anyone have any special techniques for creating the perfect ice cube?

    1) Shape - it's remarkably difficult to find ice cube trays that will produce ice
    with a really great shape. All I can say is to think of this as a long-term
    project... it might take years to find the right tray.

    2) Clarity - Conventional wisdom says that there are two things that make
    ice cloudy: bubbles and dissolved salts. You can get rid of the bubbles
    for the most part by degassing the water before you make ice with it.
    The easiest way to do that is to boil it. As soon as the water is cool enough
    to go in the ice tray and into the freezer, stick it in. As to dissolved salts:
    start with the cleanest water you can get: distilled, reverse osmosis, or

    3) Ultimate perfection - make friends with an ice sculptor! They are always
    very interesting people, and are surprisingly easy to bribe with bourbon.




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