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    Price decline for Templeton Rye?

    I noticed the other day that one of our local Hy-vee's has Templeton Rye at $31 and change. It used to be 36.XX dollars. I was looking at their new display which included a cardboard stand and noticed the price decline. All the current stock there had been bottled in December of this past year.

    I'm wondering if it just wasn't selling well at the previous price point. If it would come down another five bucks, I'd buy another bottle.

    Has anyone else noticed a price decline in their area?

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    Re: Price decline for Templeton Rye?

    Heck it's not even available in my area, but at $31, I'd buy it.
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    Re: Price decline for Templeton Rye?

    I'm darn sure that I paid 39.99 for mine at Binny's last year and the price is down 5 bucks from there.
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    Re: Price decline for Templeton Rye?

    I found one online last January for 29.99 and I think iy was about 5.00 off the normal price!




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