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    Re: you get Malt Advocate?

    Quote Originally Posted by p_elliott View Post

    I only drink bourbon and rye so my question is should I get Malt Advocate is there enough in there that I would enjoy it? Because it's mostly about scotch right?
    Yeah it is mostly scotch but in MA's defence that is the no. 1 whiskey.
    Also by the time it comes out I have already been made aware of new bourbons here on SB.com.
    But it is only 4 issues a year and it's not much money and you get an ocasional article worth the price, like this issue's rickhouse article.

    Also to stay on top of things, read Chuck Cowdery's and John Hansell's blogs.

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    Re: you get Malt Advocate?

    Slightly related..... I just cancelled my standing Whiskey Magazine order with my local news stand. Too often the magazine contained none, or almost no bourbon related stories.
    So in it's place, I've subscribed to Chucks newsletter and The Bourbon Review. At least they always talk about bourbon

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    Re: you get Malt Advocate?

    Have you gotten it yet, Cam? I'm curious how long it takes to get there. I think I mailed in on the first.



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