Last weekend I went to a cycling event in N California. After the ride was a great party with food, beer and fire. For the event I created a very nice vatting in the 80 proof range in a vintage tax stamped handle and put a fun label on the bottle. The effect on the crowd was remarkable...

It seems most folks nowdays view Bourbon as something the parents or grandparents would drink- but have not tried much of it for their own selves. They seem to be scared of it- like one sip will put them on the floor or make them go all psycho. It was really fun to pass the smallish glass with blend to one of the guests- only to have them sip it- decide it was safe to drink, then polish the rest off. Nearly everyone would comment the same way... "Wow- that's Reeally Good!"

I'd say nearly 30 folks tried the blend that day and of those nearly all now have a new and more positive perception of our favorite beverage.