Given that the Derby is this Saturday, I've been hitting the juleps pretty hard this week at various bars. Not that I'm big into horse racing, it's just provided me with an excuse to drink something I generally reserve as a seasonal enjoyment.

I'm curious...

What Bourbon do you use in your Mint Juleps?

I was pretty ardent in my stance, and used Woodford Reserve exclusively in mine. I found the spiciness of Woodford to stand up to the sugar and mint rather well. That was until a few nights ago when a bartender convinced me to try it with Basil Hayden's. It was not bad, not bad at all. Given the weaker ABV, the Hayden's absorbs all the flavor and forms a marriage with the sugar and mint. Very smooth, easy drinking, and has more of a tea-like quality. Woodford is still my favorite base, but I'm pretty alright with Hayden's if I were going for a more casual cocktail or were to recommend it to someone that's not much of a Bourbon drinker.