I stopped by this food market that sells a little whiskey today. They get strange things in from time to time (Bought the only bottle of Craganmore there a while back, and some close-out Hawaiian beer once.) Anyway, today I noticed they had three Wild Turkey 8 y.o. 101 in Turkey and Skunk decanters from 1986. The Japanese tag said there was 750 ml inside. The 'tax stamp' tape was broken on one of them. There was no price and when I asked the guy stocking, he said maybe ¥8000, about $80. He opened the one with the broken 'tax stamp' and the cork had rotted away-only half was still attached to the top, and about half the juice had evaporated. The other two might be okay. (The 'tax' seal is still all together, and when I turned them it sounded like the right amount of juice was inside.) When the guy saw the bad cork, he said maybe he could lower the price. He disappeared to look it up, but couldn't find it. He told me to come back later.

My question: What are the chances that the whiskey is still good in the other two bottles? Any idea? What would you guys pay for one of those that might be okay?