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    Old Bourbon Catalogue

    My brother is a garage sale junkie and trolls the local sales for good finds. He sees lots of intersting stuff and recently brought me a liquor store catalogue from an LA liquor store, probably long gone, that looks to me from the 1950s or early '60s. It's full color with lots of great ads and drink recipes. I thought people migh be interested in the Bourbon offerings and prices. The prices are for fifths. Quarts are also listed, but I haven't reproduced them here. The Bourbon list is split into Bondeds and Straights. There is also a list of Blendeds which I didn't reproduce here. A few familiar names, but also a number I've never heard of:

    Bonded Bourbon

    Beam 6 year old $6.60
    County Fair $4.69
    JW Dant 5.99
    Hiram Walker Private Cellar 4.98
    IW Harper 6.73
    James E. Pepper 6.15
    Old Fitzgerald 6.70
    Old Forester 6.70
    Old Grand-Dad 6.70
    Old Heaven Hill 4.75
    Old Hickory 5.99
    Old Kentucky Tavern 6.73
    Old Taylor 6.70
    Schenley Bourbon 6.73

    Straight Bourbon

    Antique Four Roses $4.89
    Ancient Age 4.99
    Bellows Club 4.77
    Canada Dry 4.99
    Early Times 5.27
    IW Harper 86 5.87
    Jack Daniels Black [sic] 6.98
    Jim Beam 4.89
    JW Dant 86 5.29
    JW Dant Charcoal 5.75
    Kentucky Bred 4.69
    Kentucky Gentleman 4.77
    Old Crow 4.99
    Old Forester 5.99
    Old Grand-Dad 5.99
    Old Hickory Trophy 10 years 5.75
    Old Taylor 5.75
    Park & Tilford Priv. Stock 5.75
    Schenley Champion 5.75
    Virginia Gentleman 6.86 per liter (not available in a fifith)
    Walker's Deluxe 5.65
    Wild Turkey 8 years 9.55

    There's also a Scotch list, all of it blended.
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