i have always been a scotch guy, but i find i cant really afford to compare them as one should. so began my search for a new drink. i have to admit that i had never even tried bourbon till about 3 weeks ago. thanks to you all though i had a head start because i read alot about bourbon before i purchased my first bottle, mainly from this site as i research everything, and had a little knowledge when i went shopping.

here is what i got:
knob creek, eagle rare 10, wild turkey 101

what i thought:

knob creek: bought this over makers mark. good not great. nice flavor. alcohol was fine. i will drink the whole bottle, but prob wont buy another one.
then i tried

eagle rare 10: lets just say i love this bottle!! from the first drop that hit my lips it was like heaven opened up and shown a light down upon me! i could easily make this my everyday drink. oh and any info as to any other bottles that you all feel i may like as good as this one i would love to hear.
then i tried

wild turkey 101: flavor was very good. this bourbon is definately better than the knob creek, although the alcohol is a little high and i do need to get used to that.

well thats all my experience so far. that ER10 made me forget all about scotch! i cant wait to keep learning and tasting. any recomendations on my next purchase would be greatly appreciated. i live in central florida near tampa so thats where ill be doing most of my shopping.

thanks for all the help