First, I just wanted to say hey to everyone, and also, if this needs to be in the "New Member" forum, mods please move it, and I apologize.

Second, I have a question...I am pretty new to bourbons. I have enjoyed a Beam and Coke on many occasions, but usually drink beer, and have never have gotten into the higher-end bourbons and drinking them straight. I'll admit I'm not used to the burn that whiskey has, and for starters I'd like to try something pretty mellow with not so much burn (it's ok to laugh if ya want ). What are a few suggestions for a good "starter"? As I said, something pretty mellow and smooth, to get me used to the "burn". Price isn't a huge issue (I don't mind spending $50-60 a bottle), but I can't be dropping $100 on something at this point unless I know I just love the stuff. Anyway, thanks in advance for any suggestions, and I'm glad to be a member here.