How many drinks do we have a week? And we drink what? ( as good as we can stand no doubt) I personally had a touch of Wathens today. Can it get any better?
I would like to propose that we try something here , I realize we try to set the bar high , but let's go low one time. I am going to break a seal on a bottle of Ten High and that is going to be my everyday pour for a while. I'm going to drink Ten High, I'll fantasize that it's Blanton's , I'll pretend it's Wathen's, I'll delude myself into believing that I am drinking the finest bourbon that has poured forth from the copper and oak! How long will it last? Who Knows? Any takers? Better than Birthday Bourbon!
I'll let you know when I start, and how long it lasts. I'm thinking of my OFBB ,Wathens ,Eagle Rare SB Weller 19, OF86, Knob Creek and ORVW107 10year It's already starting to look like a bad idea!