I recently acquired a nice, strong, and seemingly new shiny-black 4-shelf-wire-rack that came from a liquor store (I think it was a display for Bacardi handles originally, and it's tall enough for BTACs).

so until I build a home here in Colorado and can do a built-in, I've decided that this shelving unit will be the sole storage solution for my whiskey 'bar', separate from whatever I can and want to bunker.

it's just big enough to hold 5 750ml/1L bottles wide x 4 deep, per shelf, so I intend to fill it with 20 different whiskies (eventually trying to keep 4-deep of each in my bar with one of each always open).

20 different choices seem like plenty, there really aren't that many different ones I'm crazy about anyway, and while I can always grow it later - the intent is to try and stick with this chosen limitation.

so it's become sort of a game... trying to limit this selection to no more than 20 different whiskies at a time, plus I've included a couple of other constraints to make it more interesting and keep it varied.

further, while suiting my tastes and moods is the most important factor to consider - I'm also somewhat trying to mix it up by distillery, as well as availability, proof, cost, mashbill, and overall whiskey-type.

as I think I mentioned in the recent "what's missing?" thread, I've been thinking about this for a bit and here's what I've come up with... I welcome any and all observations, questions, suggestions and otherwise.

by the way - every choice below is something I've had and like (many more, ~35 or so, didn't make the cut for various reasons), and the ones which are colored green are the ones I have at least one bottle of now... (pics to follow tomorrow or so after I charge the camera)

top/4th shelf - 5 Ryes
  • Handy
  • WT 101 Rye
  • Rittenhouse BIB
  • VWFRRye
  • Baby Saz
3rd shelf - 5 Rye'd Bourbons
  • GTStagg
  • OGD 114
  • WT 101
  • ETLee
  • 4R Yellow
2nd shelf - 5 Wheated Bourbons
  • WLWeller
  • Pappy 15
  • ORVW 10/107
  • Lot B
  • Weller SR
bottom/1st shelf - 1 Tenn., 1 Irish, 1 wildcard, and 2 Scotches
  • Dickel 12
  • ?? something Irish, Jameson as a fall-back
  • ?? either a Canadian, a Japanese, a flavored, or another Scotch
  • ?? a Barrel Proof Scotch (maybe McCallan, but who knows)
  • ?? a regular Scotch (Glenmorangie is a strong candidate)
thanks for looking.